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Migraines, Covid Vaccine Arm, and Diaper Rash

This blog post covers some of the things that I use our rub for that are not detailed in the "Cheat Sheet" that I send out with every package.

For years I said that the rub didn't work on my migraines. THEN...I found out my migraines are not standard migraines. They are Occipital migraines. Caused by the pinching of a nerve in my spine, the headache starts at the top of my neck/base of my skull/left side. It feels like someone took a knitting needle and ran it from that location...through my head, and is trying to poke out my left eye with the knitting needle. Pain/light sensitivity/sound sensitivity/smell sensitivity. It WAS triggered by hormones and a rise in barometric pressure throughout my life. The thing I have learned about migraines from talking to anyone who would share is that...

1) There isn't a "cure" but you CAN tackle the pain as though it has a number of causes, and eliminate the pain in layers.

2) About a year ago, I read a book called "The Stanton Migraine Protocol" by Angela Stanton. Her journey through a lifetime of migraines was very similar to mine. Headaches since childhood/worse the week before and after periods/debilitating pain that narrowed your life smaller and smaller/control attempted by every over-the-counter medication/multiple trypsins/chiropractic/ice packs/ablation(burning the nerves with a needle to make the pain stop for a couple years at a time)/Daith piercing. I TRIED EVERYTHING THAT I COULD AFFORD TO TRY!!!! And NOTHING worked consistently, or without such side effects that the migraine still had control.

Angela Stanton claims that the migraine brain is an evolutionary throwback, and does NOT work the same as other brains. She flatly states that we need significantly more water than normal, and to watch our electrolytes like our lives depend on it. The 3 electrolytes that she discusses in the beginning of the book are salt, potassium, and magnesium. I have spent literally thousands of dollars, lost months of my life, and lost so much quality of life that it's impossible to describe. If someone had told me that a $1 box of salt could nearly eliminate my headaches... I would NEVER have believed it. As a person of science, I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about anything that interests me. So, in her book, she has a "salt test"

*Grab a pinch of salt, and place it under your tongue. Do NOT talk or move your tongue, and do not drink. Pay

attention to what you feel. As the salt enters your blood very fast, it will make you feel...better/or worse/or nothing.

*Hearing cracking, popping, like an old engine is cranking up for the first time in 20 years? SUPER!!! You are salt


*If your pain starts easing after the salt test and if you don't mind the taste of salt, take 1/8 tsp of salt and drink

a sip of water with it (just enough to swallow it. If you dislike the taste of salt eat 10 olives or a salt pickle or take a

salt tablet


*Spit out the salt, rinse your mouth, and grab some potassium-containing food (avocado, salmon, steak, pistachio

nuts, milk, tomato juice or stewed tomatoes, orange juice, or potatoes. DO NOT USE A SPORTS DRINK OR A


*IF YOU ARE FEELING NEUTRAL (not better or worse)...think about how much water you have been drinking over

the past 24 hours...if you are not drinking a minimum of 8 glasses/day, you are likely dehydrated. Drink a glass of

water and see if it eases. If it does, repeat with a glass every other hour until the headache leaves. If it is not water

when was the last time you ate nutritional food? Get a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, a piece of steak or burger,

some tuna etc.

My father had very high blood pressure, so I (like MANY Americans...) have been taught to use as little salt as possible. I cook with very little and ate almost none since almost everything in my home is made from scratch. My neck has (since I can remember), made popping and cracking noises when I moved my head. That night, I drank a quart of water with a teaspoon of salt (one pinch at a time on my tongue/chased by water). The next morning is the first time in my life that I can remember waking without the neck noises. It has been 9 months, and I am still using that as a warning sign that I am dehydrated, and have been forgetting the salt. I keep a several-times-a-day watch on the barometric pressure on my weather app...and if the barometer is either climbing or above 30.0, I add several cups of tomato juice to my day. Tomato juice has more potassium than almost anything on the is cheap, low in sugar, and it works to add potassium. I have also added a magnesium complex supplement to my protocol. The year I quit my job, I was taking 2 Excedrine, and 4 Sudafed every 4 hours (around the clock). At least 2 Imitrex a week, and went from March to October with a 24/7 headache. I had to leave my career as a Food Inspector (my liver enzymes were in the was either leave the job or die.) At the time, I was making $60,000/ year and had to retire early. I now make $21,000/year. With the addition of electrolytes and 4 cups of water, I take less than 2 Excedrin a day, 2-4 old-fashioned Sudafed a day, and occasionally (if the barometer moves upward by more than .5 a day), 12mg of Imitrex (I break a 50mg tablet into 4 pieces). The majority of the time I am able to control it with salt/water/tomato juice. I've gone from 12 Excedrine, 24 Sudafed, and 25 mg of Imitrex a day to less than 2 Excedrine, 4 Sudafed, and about 4mg of Imitrex a day. The ulcer I had been working toward is gone and liver enzymes are normal. My doctor is not happy that my blood pressure has raised, but it was always very low and is now in the upper/normal category.

BUT!!!! MORNINGS ARE STILL THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! I sleep HARD, and if the barometer shifts a lot overnight, I wake in the morning with that pain in the back of my head. Recently, I ran out of Imitrex, and could NOT get it under control. I finally (in desperation), grabbed a stick of pain rub, and greased up the back of my head on the left side...below and just above the hairline/down my neck/under my jaw....everywhere that was tender to touch. I tried to sleep, and in about 20 minutes, dropped off. When I woke almost 2 hours later, the pain was completely gone. I have repeated the process when I wake with a migraine and have learned several things.

1) Sorensen's Pain Rub will remove the pain of a migraine that is caused by a pinched nerve.

2) I hate the feel of it on my neck, so mostly use it as a last resort, and keep it on for less than 2 hours before

shampooing it back off.

3) If I can keep it on for at least an hour...the pain does not come back for several hours.

4) It can be an excellent tool in the tool chest of tricks to outsmart a migraine, but isn't as useful if you have to go

about your day with it on your neck. I just can't...

If you would like to learn more about Angela Stanton's book " The Stanton Migraine Protocol", she has a facebook page and donates tons of time to help people interpret their bloodwork results. I have NOT done that, as the electrolytes have my migraines under control. The book is available on Kindle (at the time I downloaded it, it was free on Kindle Unlimited). It is also available as a physical book through Amazon.


Painful arm from the Covid vaccine?

If you have had a Covid vaccine, (or a tetanus shot...) you know that a vaccine can make your arm pretty sore. Since I got my Bivalent booster yesterday, I wanted to let you know that Sorensen's Rub does a nice job of taking the soreness out of vaccine arm. I got my shot just before dinner, and by bedtime, really didn't want to use the arm. So I hit it with some rub...put a small piece of plastic wrap over the rub (to keep it from being rubbed off by my sheets), and went to bed. By morning, I could use my arm normally. Particularly if you have children getting the shot, or you do physical work using your arms... this info could come in handy!!


Diaper Rash....DUH!!!

The truth "baby" is 30, and diaper rash is something I only had to deal with a time or 2. But I still remember the guilt and sadness of having my baby cry because they had diaper rash, and it HURT! I had a customer contact me the other day with the news that over the holidays, their child had picked up a mild case, and that Sorensen's Rub had taken away the pain so the baby could sleep, but better than that, it healed it almost overnight.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me! It does have MSM in it, which can sting for just a second. If I were going to use it on diaper rash, I would rub it onto my hands, then use them to massage the area. THEN...I would cover the bum with a natural diaper cream with zinc oxide...something like "Butt Paste".

And...because no email or blog post would be normal without Michigan scenery...

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