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My whole family fights over the stick we have!  From sore joints and muscles to bug bites, we all want to use it!


I would just like to put it out there, as a former Olympic level athlete, I have had access to lineaments and rubs of all types and kinds. Sorensen's is the first one that I would endorse. it actually gives relief and the stick application is very easy to use and no mess. Give it a try.                    


This product is the greatest!! I use it for general aches and pains from working out and my 80 year old dad now uses the product on a pulled quad muscle he has had for several years and I've even used it on my dog's injured back. We all are very grateful for and love this product!

I had knee surgery 1 1/2 years ago and have been suffering ever since. Could not walk without a cane. Thank God I found Laurie. I built a new house and could never even walk in the yard. Since I have been using her product I have so much more flexibility and less pain. That cane is GONE!!! What a difference this had made in my life. I am working in the yard and doing things again. Soooo happy!!!                 Sharon

I have recently used your cream for joint pain, and I must is great!!  Easy to use, pleasant aroma, and most of all, really soothes my ankle and knee pain!!!  I recommend it to everyone!


 I used it and what I noticed was how helpful it was in clearing up an itchy rash on my forearm. I have really sensitive skin and once I get an itchy rash, it is really hard to get rid of but this cream helped and it was gone within 24 hours.  

I have fibro and have a lot of pain. This really works. I will order again. Want to try it on my husband's spinal stenosis to see if it works.            Jana

I have fibromyalgia.  My sister recommended the product to me.  I will admit that I was skeptical at first.  Today is the first day using the product....and no pain!  I am truly amazed at how well the product works!  Thanks for an amazing product!


I mainly use Sorensen's Natural Remedy on burns, since I rarely have any muscle or joint issues. I burnt my finger awhile back on a hair iron, after two applications my finger stopped throbbing and no blister formed. This past weekend I burnt my shoulders and arms pretty badly in the sun, so I applied the rub a couple of times, and the red/soreness from the burn is gone. This rub is magical!                


Love this stuff!  It sits on my nightstand.  I have nerve damage in my leg and foot.  I have been using it on my foot.  Takes away the pain.  My husband carries his in his overnight bag when he is away.


My Daughter has severe reactions to bug bites.  This helps so much it is unreal.  She now asks for it.  I've already bought more for my mom.  She has foot pain.  She only needs to use it once a week.  


My family are sport freaks and along with that comes aches and pains. When I found out about the rub I knew we had to try it and boy I'm glad we did!! It has helped relieve everyone's aches and pains. Thank you so much Laurie!                                    


 AWESOME PRODUCT. I have never found any product that can take away my back pain faster. (Not even my oxycontin) I would recommend this to anyone. I use it for everything from sore swollen ankles to shoulder and back pain. It has never let me down. 

Love this product! Finally a way to help my pain naturally! So nice to not have to take drugs just to be able to walk. Would recommend this to anyone who suffers from pain that decreases their ability to live a normal life! 


This stuff is amazing, I use it in the morning , on my feet within 5 minutes, pain is gone, I'm ready to go stand on concrete for 9 hours. 

Not only does the product help relieve muscle pain but it is so easy to apply. I love that I don't have to get it all over my hands. Instead I just open the container & rub it directly on my shoulder or knee.                  


I'm trying to start a new running program, and find that my knees and shins are screaming even on a slow day.  I've read about how essential oils help inflammation and pain, and have tried several, But this is so much better.  It works almost immediately and lasts for hours.  I still don't LOVE running.  But at least this keeps me from quitting because of the pain.


It works great on muscle pain I get from working out, but I LOVE to use this stuff on mosquito like a charm!


Woman running

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