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My initial injury occurred in 2002, while I was home cleaning carpet and stepped from the wet carpeted floor to the vinyl floor.  My right knee/leg gave way and I performed the splits as perfectly as a gymnast.  (Now folks, I couldn’t do the splits as a 3 year old, so at 40+ I passed out screaming and woke up screaming.)  By the next day, my leg (from knee up), was the color of a deep purple eggplant.  Tests showed that I had only about 10% of the long strand muscle most people have, and my knee bent backwards like my old Barbie dolls. 

​Two years passed and my right knee was nearly 2 inches bigger than my left.  My doctor referred me to a physical therapist for strengthening exercises, and by the end of a PT session, I was in too much pain to sleep.   Unable to take pain meds, I found myself at my local health food store looking for a natural pain control.  I bought olive oil infused with Arnica herbs, and was thrilled when it worked.  Unfortunately, the oil base rubbed off onto my pants and sheets, wasting a lot of the $20/2oz bottle price.  I’ve spent the last few years researching and experimenting with formulas, until the response “You HAVE to get this stuff on the market”, got too loud to ignore.

Today, my right knee is only about ½ inch bigger than the left.  The product works on pretty much everything it’s been used on.  It works to ease the pain of overworked muscles (like when you start a new exercise program, do too much yard work, or have too much fun on a weekend).  New injuries like a dislocated shoulder, torn meniscus, and pulled muscles also become more bearable.  It eases the pain of, helps decrease inflammation, and heals tendons involved in tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel, as well as arthritic joints.  

Purely by accident, we also found out it works on mosquito bites (gets rid of the swelling and itch).  Takes the pain and redness out of sunburn better than prescription cream, and does a nice job on grease splatter and cookie sheet burns!!

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Life Will Always Have Hills and Valleys

The secret is......

To keep your chin up, so you can find your

way out of the valleys.

And really enjoy the view.....

From the top of every hill!!!

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