After 3 years of supplying new customers with free samples, a "Freebie" site found us and published our free samples on their "millions of members" site.  We had more than 3,000 requests in less than 12 hours.  At $5 a sample, we were forced to go to a free sample, but customer pays shipping. WIX is always high on shipping, and a sample costs roughly $3 to ship.  So, I will be returning the dollar "overage" that wix charges to anyone ordering samples. There are 2 samples

in each order.  I apologize for the change.  It 

is NOT one I wanted to make.  Thank you 

for your patience and understanding.

Laurel Sorensen

We understand that not every product is going to work for every person.  Consequently, we offer a money back guarantee to anyone who believes the pain relieving rub does not help their problem.

Simply contact us through the contact form for a cheerful refund of your purchase price.

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