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Wix charges automated shipping cost (typically around $4.00)/  However,  I refund all but $2.00.  So while the sample is free, customer pays for $2.00 of the $4.00 shipping fee.

After 3 years of supplying new customers with free samples, a "Freebie" site found us and published our free samples on their "millions of members" site.  We had more than 3,000 requests in less than 12 hours.  Each sample shipped costs $5 X 3,000 was simply impossible for our small firm.  

We were forced to go to a free sample, but the customer pays partial shipping. WIX calculates all shipping for this site, and always estimates high. Samples cost approximately $4 to ship.  So, to be as fair as possible, I return all but $2 that WIX charges to anyone ordering samples.

In other words, if WIX charges you $3.96, $4.05  etc., you will be refunded all but $2 to help us with the shipping, (and weed out people who just want freebies, but don't want this product). There are 2 samples in each order.  I apologize for the change.  It is NOT one I wanted to make.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Laurel Sorensen

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