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-We can help you, or purchase price cheerfully returned!

-25% off your first order, (future coupons delivered to email).

-Relief begins in 5 minutes, and lasts longer and longer over time.

-Decrease pill consumption as relief is applied directly to pain.

-Rub adjusts to relieve pain, itch, and inflammation from arthritis, tendenitis, bug bites, inflammation, bruises, sunburn, minor cooking burns, scrapes, neuropathic diabetic pain, fibromyalgia, bee stings, knee pain, carpal tunnel etc.

-Not habit forming (typical use decreases as inflammation decreases, and problem stabilizes.)

-Increase your range of motion.

-Adjust to new exercise programs more easily, by reversing muscle fatigue, reducing inflammation, and controlling pain.

-Get back to really enjoying your life

-Request sample below if desired. 


Call if we can help!  2314926290

Sorensen's Pain Relieving Rub

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